A Bigger Picture

Jan 26th  A bigger picture

Your loved ones who have already passed are close during this period of transition. They have great interest as they regard the changes happening in which they made a contribution while alive with the raising of the energies.

This movement involves not only you who are alive now but by all souls who have been helping with the building of The Plan for the evolution of matter. One life time is never enough to encounter all the experiences possible in this medium, so the interest continues when in spirit, and each life experience brings more “to the table” of knowledge. It is an error to think that just this life time hold all that is important, for that is ego talking. While in service to the planet, combined with personal growth, you work in tandem with spirit towards transformation on a cosmic level.

It is an ongoing process over great periods of time as energies ebb and flow, and the individual contribution is important to the cohesiveness of the whole. Non stand alone, for all is one.

Members of the same soul group move in and out of carnation, each with a particular focus which works both for individual and planetary growth, and is a wonder to behold!

This time now is for you to realise that your work adds to the greater good of evolution, and all the daily dramas are involved with the resolution of energy play to find integration, allowing all parts to find wholeness. All the while there are passions at play there is a flow of energy swirling and eddying towards oneness.

Be aware that loved ones are close, the divide is getting thinner. You can communicate with them by allowing space and quiet times to listen.

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