The Plan

27th January 2022

What is the Plan?

There have been many references to The Plan by mystics and psychics over the years but little clear understanding what it is.

The whole universe is a swirling mass of energy which seeks a way of expression. Without purpose that is all it would be…just energy.

The Plan evolved to actualise a purpose for these energies in many different forms to find what could be created and developed.

If you look at the starry sky you can see that The Plan has created many different spheres which coalesced to form matter in inestimably diverse forms, each with the intent to see what could become.

Life abhors a vacuum, so energies coalesce together to maximise potential, before eventually dissipating into Black Holes. Think of bubbles in a glass of champagne which form at the base of the glass, rise through their own medium (liquid), and once the bubbles reach air they dissipate…. the journey done, moving through into a different medium (air). So it is with creation of matter, which is being raised to its highest potential before it evolves into a new medium. This all takes unimaginable periods of time.

The Plan is for channelling energies of a higher frequency to be integrated into matter towards a new phase of potential.

This is perpetual movement that will never end.

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