28th January 2022

Jan 28th   Love

Love is a uniting force, and is the glue that holds everything together. Evil, being the opposite of live, is a force that separates. The reason to pray for love and peace is to evoke the unifying energies that will enable the evolution of the Human Race, and the transition towards 5th Dimensional levels of experience. It is only through unity that this can happen.

Your guides are here to assist in channelling energy when you sit quietly in a meditative manner, and there may be subtle physical reactions in your body which you will begin to recognise as your connection in the process of channelling. If this should happen during those quiet times it will be a confirmation that the connection has been made. Everyone will have their own particular sensing, and it will be very light.

This is the task of the Light Workers. It is your active participation in the channelling of energy into matter. Through you these energies will be project through the chakras.

This process is to assist in the awareness of the cohesiveness of love and alleviate the evil of separation. 

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