30th January 2022

The ultimate lesson for the Human Race is to learn to live in peace. There are wars and battles going on all the time.

On the international scale these battles are obvious, but while looking at history you note and register individual groups in skirmishes on many levels right down to family issues, and then finally within the self.

Greed, covetousness, jealousy, competitiveness, pride and insecurity can be found at the root of every conflict. All the while you have your own internal battle with issues, you then project them out in self-justification. Family feuds that go across generations are rationalised, just as nations do internationally.

But this all starts from the Self. Those who love do not seek conflict, and nor do those who are at peace with themselves. The work of the individual is to find inner peace, for they will generate that energy into the environment. All emotional resonance and behaviour create an atmosphere that influences the energies, and can become toxic or calming, depending on the individual.

The desire for separation is being encouraged with the current “cancel culture” which has the underlying current of judgement. It permits the walking away and nor seeking resolution.

All lessons are hard, as you work to understand appropriate action coming from clear thought and not from a knee-jerk reaction. There are times when it is right to walk away once you understand the root of the problems and not just from avoidance. By finding solutions towards harmony and cooperation the rewards are great. Separation leads to loneliness and deep unhappiness. The emotional tests are the hardest to work with but have the greatest rewards.

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