4th February 2022

In the Kindergarten the little ones learn to associate with their peers, testing their ability to integrate with others in a cooperative and harmonious manner. At the same time are given learning toys to present them with opportunities to try new things. Their minds are active and communication develops. Indeed, this is the ideal scenario.

The Human Race is at a similar phase of its development, and like frustrated toddlers will often destroy what they cannot control or understand.

It is realistic to understand the Race is being presented with new energies to take it into a new period of development, but just as with little children can be clumsy, lacking responsibility or discipline, and needs to develop before being allowed further access to more advanced potentials.

The mixing of beings at different levels of development and intellect means that the progress will be halting and frustrating until a level of consensus is achieved.

Light Workers are here to help sow the seeds of new energy to assist in the raising of consciousness and with clear eyes see the gentle progression as these energies are absorbed in an awakening process.

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