5th February 2022

Service to the planet consists of allowing the energies which circle perpetually, to be channelled through you, rather like a lightning rod. These energies are helping raise the vibration and still the disruptions that are affecting so many at this time. The calming effect will help still the fears of many, regarding the outcome of global change.

In your quiet moments the energies are earthed through you and enters the energetic grid of the planet itself.

The ley lines exist to unit the whole structure of the planet, and are augmented and multiply with the increasing energy supplied through your service.

 It is so simple when this is done through your cooperation and intent. In so doing it brings light through the system and releases blockages that have be developed due to human activity that has been out of sympathy with the environment. The closer you attune to the planet itself will speed the process of change.

To view previous channelling, please click on THE-WELL-SPRING at top comer of the page to reach the Home Page.

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