Changing times

6th February 2022

Ripples continue to move throughout the Race of Men to bring order back into their lives, as they take up the work in raising planetary consciousness.

While you may think there is little evidence of change, look closer when doubting in the quiet corners, and not beguiled by the messages of mass media.

The changes will not happen with a trumpet sound and celebration, but through the gentle murmurs of awakening.

It is hard if you have any expectations of what the changes will be like for there will be disappointment. Through being at peace within yourself you allow the process to unfold, trusting in the truth of these words.

The current frenzy of fear and uncertainty will begin to subside and feelings of release will grow. Everyone’s life has been unsettled by the pandemic, which permitted the self to reassess priorities. All has been in The Plan that there should be a wake-up call and that should be responded to.

Observe political doings that are not life enhancing and choose your response and responsibilities in the drama, and decide on right action. How you play your part.

For all are one and each is a part of the whole. There is no separation. Consensus and working together is the calling to create the new order.

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