7th February 2022

The stepping stones of knowledge are to be found within you. The wisdom you have accrued over many lifetimes is accessible when you look inwards in your quiet times. Within the stillness, access is to be found to deal with any concerns, for you already have your answers.

Expectation is the greatest barrier, for not allowing the truth to just percolate through. You tend to have preconceived notions which do not match up to the expectation. Learn to be fluid with your thinking and that will enable you to be receptive to new thoughts.

There is nothing you have not already experienced through your many lifetimes, for the knowledge is contained within your Akashic Records.

Trusting in the wisdom which you already have, will lead to a greater unfolding of your true self, and you can then manifest through the physical body.

Do not let fear, or a sense of unworthiness claim you are not ready to do this. By reading these words shows that you are ready, otherwise you would not resonate with them.

Gently and quietly, for all is available once you claim your truth. This is the time of awakening.

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