8th February 2022

The clarity of intent is the tool you use to manifest. It is through that focus that you bring form into being. The intent leads to action, creation and resolution.

Each being is part of the One, there is no separation, so the actions of the individual effects the whole. It is only when the conscious intent to seek right action for the betterment of the whole that conflict will cease.

Conflict takes many forms, so the sooner peace is actively practiced then the final shift will be possible. Highly charged emotions cannot be tolerated in 5th Dimension.

It may seem that this is a long time off, and certainly not during your current life time; but the seeds of peace, which will enable higher consciousness to function within 3rd Dimension start now.

To be aware within yourself, that when you are dealing with some inner turmoil you can be eased during your quiet times. Breathing is the solace to be found there. You own your own creative power when you feel the peace within. This is not something that is given to you but you recognise ownership.

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