Unconditional Love

10th February2022

When the light of love reaches out is felt immediately. True love makes no demands and is not conditional. It is a glow that enhances and radiates.

When there are no expectations the force that is generated enables the recipient to expand and grow, for it heals that part which is hampered with self-doubt or fear.

In the expanding light of love much becomes possible, for love is the light which illuminates the darkness of grief, doubt and fear. It encourages the creative spirit and enables confidence for the true-self to be revealed.

Without the purity of unconditional love, distortion comes into play with manipulation and deceit.

Unconditional love is not blind, for it will be able to observe the misuse of power with compassion, clarity and never collusion. It is not weak or woolly but sees the truth in everything.

Healing comes though giving and receiving unconditional love, for freedom is at the core and reveals the god-self, where there is infinite space and possibility.

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