11th February 2022

In the beginning was the thought leading to the word, which set up a vibration that rippled out into the Space, and the whole magnificence you now see in the night sky was seeded from that initial intent.

Like Pandora’s Box everything of potential was released, without restriction, and new forms manifest. They developed over unimaginable time to produce myriad forms, all growing alone in individual and unique ways, expanding every possible potential, both good and bad. Creation never stops but is constantly unfolding.

This is true to the effect you produce just by existing on this planet. Growth and infolding continue as a result of your thoughts and actions. For everything you do has a consequence in the learning potential of human life. Your presence is not random, you are part of the creative impulse.

When you feel centred, awareness is alive to the consequences of thought, word and deed. It is only when highly emotionally charged that control is lost and can activate unforeseen outcomes. By allowing yourself the time and practicing those quiet periods you retain balance and clarity, thus peace of mind and control are maintained.

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