18th February 2022

The recoil felt by many at this time against corruption and abuses of power should encourage society to look to themselves to play a part in rectifying the status quo.

The wake-up call involves the reclaiming of your power, to remember that All-Is-One and that all are equal in the expansion of consciousness, where none has the automatic right to the greater share.

Apathy, that is so easy to embrace, will not assist the work of creating a new society. In the Waking-Up, the way forward can be recognised and experienced by all.

The inherent knowledge that each has need to be released. Wilful ignorance will not bring improvement to the experience of planetary living. In every sphere of society there are opportunities to concentrate on the particular concerns in that arena. It is not matter of educational levels or the strata of society, but each working with the intent to improve and share.

To enjoy the Heaven on Earth, that is so desired, requires effort and is not something that is given to you, but will be the result of your own creation through respect for the rights of others and the will to good. In that peaceful environment the raising of consciousness to the next level of experience will be bought about.

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