20th February 2022

There is never change if there isn’t discontent. Change always starts because it is a means to an end when individuals and interest groups spear-head, speak loudly, attracting notice.

The changes tend to be focused with immediate concerns so that a reaction is produced, both for and against the proposal. The final produce is the awakening that there are issues to be confronted.

The desire to make changes generally come from personal wants when attention is called to certain issues. Change does not happen if the current situation is accepted and tolerated. Individuals and interest groups initiate change when convictions are strong and voices loud regarding a certain subject, and are prepared to destabilise the accepted norm.

Strong feelings and passions can be creative as a force of change, coming from individuals who have a passionate belief in the subject. This can lead to a wave of debate and sometimes violent action. All is part of the human experience. Accepting that norms and attitudes need to be challenged so that change can happen is like “poking the bear” to see what will result, and so often comes from the dissatisfaction of those who are overlooked by others in authority, having reached the end of tolerance.

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