21st February 2022

Love is the only word that explains existence. It is with love that all is created. It is the controlling theme that brings life into existence as a unifying force.

The greatest challenge of an earthy life is work with emotions that are so fluid and unpredictable. Love and emotion are words that are often confused and thought of as the same thing.

Free-will and emotion work together, for unless there is control of the emotion, free-will will permit the most appalling of actions as well as create the greatest beauty. Learning to practice personal emotional discipline is the basic lesson found in human interactions and experiences. If there was no free-will there would never be an emotional response. The possibilities that free-will allows is great creativity through the emotional expression bringing depths and sublime beauty into form as well as the ugliest of human behaviour.

Free-will has been the gift given to the human experience to grow the consciousness and possibilities of the Universe.

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