Conscience and Empathy

22nd February 2022

Conscience is the guiding system in the use of Freewill. If there was no conscience there would be no break to slow the activation of actions that are inappropriate and not life enhancing. Conscience and Empathy work together, and if there is an imbalance in the personality the controls can be distorted.

Where there is empathy the likelihood of destructive behaviour is lessened; but the underlying freewill can often override the control with self-justification, using mind and not feeling.

The more the practice of quiet times are exercised daily, the greater control is achieved, as the mind is stilled during a period of introspection. This stilling of the mind assists good judgement with a growing awareness of consequences.

To move into 5th Dimensional experience the inner balance is needed where empathy and consequences work together for the greater good and not individual gain. It is being absorbed into the Oneness of All and leaving the small ego behind.

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