23rd February 2022

Lessons are in focused when a being is prepared to take their time before embarking on action when a stressful or challenging situation is confronted, and to exercise emotional control. Choices become paramount when emotion are powerful and indecisive. When feelings knock you off balance, particularly in unfamiliar situation, fear and doubt are so powerful.

Learning to be prepared to wait before reacting, for the surge of emotions to subside and take control before deciding on right action. This is the way to bring discipline over the emotional field. A cool head will always make a better decision when inner calmness is the ideal state of being.

Heightened emotions can also be exhilarating and exciting, making you feel invincible, so right, leading to unthinking actions; but that feeling will never endure if it lacks the clarity of vision. So, the lesson of waiting, is to be still when feeling unsettled. This is the way forward to raise the consciousness to a higher level of vibration and a mastery of self.

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