The turning of the year brings a pulse into life like the beating of the heart through the increase and decrease of light and the length of days. It can be likened to the beating of a clock, making patterns in annual occupation and times for change, forming a demarcation in the life experience.

The length of a life time varies according to the task to be confronted. You can call these karmic influences, but there is more to the pulse which underlies the personal egoic lessons.

By remembering that you are an Eternal Unit of Cosmic Creation the small matters of personal problems are no more than the” twinkle of an eye” and of little significant when working with your higher self through issues that confronts you daily. Sight can be lost of the bigger picture; of the work you are doing on the cosmic level to raise the vibration of Matter to a higher level. The work each does in noble within the cosmic and universal scheme and is ongoing and eternal.

From that perspective, time is never lost or wasted, and everything has meaning

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