25th February 2022

The opportunity of life on Earth is to face all challenges presented from denying the inner knowing of your True Divine identity. All the while there is a denial of the divinity of self, there is the susceptibility from manipulation of others who can control, with a distrust of looking to self for the right answers.

In whatever situation each finds themselves there will be opportunities to confront discord and create harmony.

As well as mental manipulation, physical threats can be very controlling while there is the belief that there will be no consequences for the bully, and the status quo will continue.

Everyone has courage, and once there is inner conviction, change can happen where wrongs are righted and balance re-established. Unless balance is achieved there will never be stability, yet all have power to play their part in forming The New World that is to come.

Taking on and resisting manipulation is an important lesson to be confronted, but each has a knowing that once personal inner calm comes from knowing Who You Are, peace will be established which will be reflected out into the World.

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