New Dawn

28th February 2022

The ultimate sacrifice anyone can make is to stand up for whatever they believe in in the face of enormous opposition. It is the greatest gift and the greatest offering that can be made, to loose all to bring about the wellbeing of others.

When confronted by the ultimate challenge each must look to themselves to understand where their truth lies, who they really are and who has power to make decisions for them. Nothing new can be achieved if power and authority is external. Each must come to recognise that the World will not change when personal responsibility is handed to those who shout the loudest.

It is in the power of every individual to decide the World they wish to live in, and by active participation, work to bring this about.

 If peace is what you want, then be peaceful. Violence will generate more violence.

Those in authority have no power if it is not given to them, which for whatever reason has been justified; and if that justification comes from fear, inertia or indifference, you get what you don’t want and become the pawns of others to play with.

By taking personal responsibility it means that you are not powerless and are prepared to accept consequences. This requires less reliance on emotional, knee-jerk reactions, and more empathy and clear sightedness for the bigger picture. To be prepared to think of the common good, and not personal gain.

As the realisation of personal power blossoms, fear and apprehension dissolves, A truly evolve being does not seek conflict but cooperation, leadership not coercion, persuasion not bullying. The strength of the mind with empathy.

The time has come for the individual to look to their own truth and refuse mindless obedience, and the courage to be true to themself.

This is how the New Dawn will rise.

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