1st March 2022

In between light and darkness there are many different shades of experience which appear good or right from one perspective and the reverse from an opposite point of view.

This is where personal responsibility comes in. Everyone is living with their own individual agenda with different missions at work while incarnate on this planet, and often individual are working with their own truth yet are in opposition to each other. This causes much friction, yet is a great creative thrust of the interplay of energies that will bring enlightenment. Change will happen and each having played a part that is appropriate for the path of self.

There is no one right or wrong, but the management of judgement and responsibility. The final truth is towards the well-being of the whole.

As the True Self begins to reveal itself through the human form, peace will be the only option. Before that happens the realisation that once joint consciousness moves towards peace, the old systems and ways of thinking must run their course.

Enlightenment is a call to action for each to play their part and not a negation of involvement. Sitting down and thinking nice thoughts is not enough. Active participation to create the New Earth is the call.

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