Moving On

3rd March 2022

As the world spins, the pace of change is increasing. This is obvious when much discord and violence is grabbing the news, awakening consciousness to notice the call to pay attention.

In the deep recesses of your mind, you will be aware that you are looking at the world situation in a different way. Despite the news presented by the media showing heart-breaking situations, underneath it all the sense of fear has been diminishing. There is an inner trust that the problems will be resolved sooner that previously anticipated, and an inner certainty that the root causes of many conflicts will be addressed and resolved.

During the last few year so much has been revealed that was hidden or accepted as normal and inevitable, coming from a sense of powerlessness. However, the time has come for the peoples to work together towards confronting and resolving more important points at issue than the petty ego of tyrants.

The old system of conflict to resolve a dispute does not serve any more when there are so many other important problems to solve, the most obvious one is climate change. To do so goes beyond boundaries, for what affects one affects all. It is for the people of the world to adjust to a new reality and leave the old limiting authoritarian systems to history.

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