4th March 2022

In a while the result of prayers and goodwill for World Peace will be answered. All action has an equal and opposite reaction, and is in accordance with the Laws of Karma. Whatever is done with intent will produce consequences.

Throughout the World is the yearning for Peace and Stability; but it must be a peace, not just cessation of hostility that has been imposed through fear or an unwillingness to stir up the status quo, that comes from a State of Being. It will be a manifestation of Who You Are.

Peace cannot be imposed or given you by an outside force. It is something you own.

In order to be creative there will always be those who need to stir things up and make changes, and this is good for progress. Peace should never be seen as static but function with harmonious challenges and the presentation of ideas, looking at problems from many directions and points of view in order to arrive at a consensus towards action. Respect and a willingness to listen to each other forms the creative thrust of a peaceful society.

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