Th Bigger Picture

5th March 2022

In those quiet moments much information will come to you. The more often this is done the easier will the flow of enlightenment become. This is a personal quest driven by the level of commitment that you feel. You know yourself when the time is right for you.

Your Higher-Self seeks to manifest more clearly through your human form and will be reflected through the brightness of your eyes.

Your sense of proportion will shift in realising the importance of those impulses and you may be surprised how clearly understanding will come of the underlying significance of the happenings you observe.

There will also be an additional sense of detachment which has been released from the hold of emotion. This not a detachment of coldness, but with empathy and compassion for those who are imboiled in dramas that have so clouded their judgement. With this detachment you will be observing the bigger picture.

There are some dramas that have to run their course in order to reach a resolution. It is like reaching a point at the end of a project when all the loose ends have to be tidied up and a final conclusion has been reached.

Once this is done attention can be directed to new and different challenges in the human experience.

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