8th March 2022                         

The explanation is here to bring peace and comfort to all who are in distress at present.

The world has become collectively involved in a way that has not happened before in human history due to the ease of communication. It is no longer possible to claim ignorance of world problems, and that there is a great shaking up of the inhabitants of the planet. Every group and nation is being affected.

Choices are being presented. How will problems of whatever magnitude be resolved with the current knowledge and tools you now have at your disposal? After the disruption and destruction of so much that had previously been taken for granted has come the opportunity to rebuild, which will be to confront different needs and expectation.

Old values and ways of life and thinking are moving on apace, and the chance to reconsider and innovate on a grand scale will be before you. Old thinking has run its course and will not serve the coming times. While the breaking down of the old leads to regret and nostalgia, much that is remembered and mourned is distorted by memory and wishful thinking.

A whole galaxy of possibility is opening up. Old things must be released and make way for the new, and this is a major experience of 3rdDimentional living.

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