13th March 2022

 Enlightenment will not come in a way you might expect. The journey of the soul towards growth is in a different dimension to the human form you inhabit at present. Everyone is feeling a diminution of interests and urges that you have carried through this life, and a period of quiet adjustment will follows for a period of time. You will still continue to see and hear all the chaos around and wonder at the motivation of many in the public eye and positions of authority, wondering how rational decisions are made. You are slowly separating from their reality yet still need to play your part in the scene, assisting in the stabilization of the energies. That is why it is preferable for you to be calm and peaceful in daily living not matter what is happening in the world.

The movement of weather and climate is forcing revaluation. There is a power that cannot be controlled and is inevitable to facilitate the changes. This will continue for a while but all will eventually settle down to a new rhythm. There will be many who can no longer work with the new energies and will leave the planet. Those who try to hold onto the old paradigms cannot stay. There is much work to be done, the old ways no longer work. By learning to trust your intuition you will know how to play your part.

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