14th March 2022

In the corner of every heart there is an emptiness for those who have caused hurt, and distress comes through the disconnect and antipathy from others. It feels like part of you is missing.

Broken relationships always leave a trace of regret and sadness, even when the disconnect was right and needed. Once a connection with another has been made there is always be a sense of loss lingering when that relationship has ended, wondering why it happened and could you have done better?

All relationships serve a purpose in your life. It does not matter whether it is short term and for a lifetime. You are attracted  to those who have something to teach you, where you will be of service in the development of one another. Even painful relationships serve you in the process of awakening and self-awareness.

Regret and memory can play tricks and keep you locked in a repeating cycle, replaying scenes ad infinitum. This can be very debilitating and prolong suffering. Once you realise that you are perpetuating your own suffering you have reached the time of release, of letting go.

Once the heart is at peace the way forward become clear.

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