17th March 2022

Issues of legitimacy are being brought to the fore at this time in order to clear the way towards enfoldment. You will see many instances of this in the days to come. Principles of justice and truth need to be seen in the coming times as humanity seeks the need to unlock understanding. The purpose of this information is to help you to know the truth of all your perceptions.

There is little need to worry about the future for all things will be revealed in due course. While the times are traumatic for many, they will be smooth for others.

It is all due to the need for the growth of each individual soul. Please trust that all is according to The Plan which was there before times itself. All souls must learn lessons to aid understanding in order to grow. There are no exceptions. Even the perceived trials you have had, the sense of loss and delay all serve a purpose.

Time itself is immaterial.  Time does not run out as All is One. It is a trick of the human mind to think laterally. Even in other dimensions you will have experienced that which you call time in a different manner.

When this life ends the need for analysis comes into play. Each being has played a part in universal consciousness and knowledge. Nothing is wasted. The concepts of which we speak are difficult to understand with the human mind, but in a state of knowing all is perceived.

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