18th March 2022

Dreams like living water flow into the consciousness of all beings. They fill the mind with the pure genius of celestial truth and bring purpose into to life. Humans have lost much of the connection with their higher self and with it the control of the ultimate truth of life. It is lost in the mire of trivia.

 People who seek the ultimate goal of the human form will be reconnected in a more positive way in the coming months. You are aware in these times that there is shift in energies which are affecting each according to their progress of self discovery. The challenge now is to reunite with the principles of life. It is too easy in earth-form to disconnect, because the material world has created so many distractions little though you realise it.  But it is relatively easy to reconnect once true seeking commences. We would encourage all who feel the need to open up in their meditation discipline to the inflow of energy that is available.

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