20th March 2022

First comes the Thought, then comes the Word. When the Word is sounded it sets up a vibration which ripples, then coalescing to form “reality”.

So it is with everything you do. Without the initial thought nothing would happen.

As creation separates out into individual units with tasks to explore, so it is with you as you conduct your daily living. No two days are the same even when it feels that nothing changes. But you do not have the same thoughts everyday or perform the same actions. Each day is unique and will never be repeated.

Think of snowflakes. Billions fall from the sky which are already vapour solidified and they all look the same. Each snowflake has an individuality to itself; no two are the same. So it is with the human race, despite similarities, each one of you is individual and unique in your selfhood. A snow flake can remain dormant if the temperature is right, but once there is the slightest rise in temperature in the air it changes form, which will lead to a different potential of existence.

So it is with humans. As the vibrational field changes there will be a raising of consciousness that will energise the shift and move and change the World you have known.

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