2st January 2022

If you can understand the reason for things you will be more at peace with life.

The dimensions of the soul react with all impulses to bring about change and development. It is universal to believe in an afterlife, but not always how life continues, grows and develops through eons of time. Life is not linear, it is cylindrical. Patterns repeat and expand as well. It is true in your understanding  that you see things in a linear form, but this can limit the out flowing of information.

You must understand that while thought limits the process you can restrict seeing the beauty of form.

Human contact can be much fuller if you can see others as beautiful beings, manifesting their light in a prison. The bars of the prison will allow some light through but often the form restricts itself through the limits of thinking, and fear  to open out their true being, unable to see passed the prison walls.

However difficult the physical survival is, it is the spirit overcoming the limitation and struggle to bring light into darkness. The potential is available to all, but the curtain of doubt over inner trust creates barriers. Let your light shine in all you do. Forget the self and just be.

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