World of Love

22nd March 2022

As the green leaves unfurl in Spring, so it is with the coming wisdom filling the hearts and minds of men.

The world is tired of all the fighting and mindless destruction with the uncertainty that ensues. Choices have to be made about the world you inhabit, a world of Love or one of perpetual distrust and fear.

By now there is a realisation that nothing is achieved by violence and domination. Without consensus there will never be the peace and satisfaction that will provide opportunities for each to live the most productive of life experiences. It is time for all to “follow a new drum”, a new way of living your life.

To do this each has to take personal responsibility to open up their potential with what is available, and not seek others to make their decisions, and not look away when there is discomfort in involvement.

Humanity has been indulging in the experience of separation. This has weakened and limited the potential of growth. As each individual embarrasses the true concept of the word LOVE, rather than mouthing the expression, change will happen quickly.

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