23rd March 2022

The purpose of incarnation is to perform tasks for the Universe. All the while you believe that your only mission pertains to self then you fail to understand that you are part the far bigger picture as a co-creator. The energy that is Love is not static, it moves constantly and need a means of expression. That expression activates creation in its myriad forms.

Each individual is here to use that creative energy to explore all potential that is possible through the limits of material form, and learn to control the emotional field that is the fuel to create. The emotional field is fluid and is the impulse and motivation to action, which can lead to self-serving, sacrifice, great cruelty, or the many possibilities between.

This work is noble, for while in human form you feel separate from the unity of The One, and alone. With that come fear and vulnerability, just as a child does when not understanding a situation.

Through practicing a Quiet Time, balance is established and a sense of connectedness with The One. That lightens the spirit and courage returns at times when the material world overwhelms. Clear sightedness and empathy is there when you see and understand how petty egos and dramas expanded into destruction.

Undisciplined emotion can cloud judgement and led to thoughtless decisions and actions.

Reclaim your identity and power through stillness.

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