24th March 2022

What is needed now is the wisdom to trusting the process at work. We have been sending energy and inspiration to all who are ready and prepared to listen, to assist you through the changes which are to come.

Though fear is often associated with change, so is excitement and anticipation, which will assist the process.  Like a bird on the wing, the air beneath is supporting its body. You cannot see that support but you see the bird fly through the air with ease. This is how you will be. The support, though invisible is there, and you will fly in a similar manner.

It does not matter whether you believe this entirely. The natural fears of the body kick in at times and trust is forfeited. The challenge is to have faith in the unseen.

Be still and practice your meditations. These will assist enormously. There is a host of beings watching and encouraging you at this time of evolutionary change.

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