31st March 2022

Each responds to the impulse of energy in the earth and sky. These come from zones in the Universe that are pulsing with the growth of creation. All grows and all changes. You cannot imagine that life is static.

Opportunities are given to all to partake in acts of creation, and you are all involved. All action creates movement whether it is action of thought, word or deed. Listen to your own impulses and use reason and logic to think of consequences, for choices can alter results. The whole is complex and the interplay of forces are always fluid and create new potentials.

In the World at present the connections between people and countries keep interacting, causing feelings of instability and uncertainty. The outcome is unknown and this is how it should be, for creation never ceases. Life is fluid and the energies roll and move always forward. Do not seek stability for that would be inertia. Ponder on this and accept all challenges in the light of creation.

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