1st April 2022

Through your being the energies of the Universe flow. Time was when that flow was limited by the restrictions of doubt and fear.

The more you are open to the knowledge and understanding of your true nature, the more actively creative you become, and work with the cooperation of the unseen forces.

In your quiet times, which we constantly remind you is what is needed for clear connections, you become more ready to receive the answers and knowledge you ask for. By asking, you focus on your need to know….so ask the questions. In so doing you become an active participant and not just a cypher.

Curiosity will lead you forward as an independent being and not a servant awaiting instruction.

While in prayer there is the intent to become involved with the creative flow of energy, you are generally asking for something and focus on a desired outcome. In your knowing that the pray will bring action you are using the energy to create.

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