Trust in Self

2nd April 2022

In the light of new knowledge comes the trust needed to take you forwards.

Truth is available when you are prepared to listen to your inner being. Truth feels and resonates with your inner core.

The mind rationalises with preconceived ideas and argument, this can lead to confusion.

There are an abundance of sources of information which continually repeat messages. These can cloak truth with distortion and mislead those who are prepared to accept without discernment.

Truth is a still small voice held with inner peace. It is quiet and clear. It does not confuse or create doubt.

By learning to trust yourself you will find truth in your inner core.

However, truth is not always comfortable when realisation shatters untruths and distortions that have formed the basis of your belief system. All belief systems contain elements of mind control. When you live with truth you do not require outside forces to form the structure of your understanding. You know.

These are challenging times. Give yourself  times of quiet and reflection to tune into your inner being.

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