Power of the mind

3rd April 2022

   The Mind is your tool of creation and imagination forms the blue-print, and intent is the trust of action.

Many thoughts pass through the mind constantly and you take action on some. Some thoughts are stored for future action and others discarded.

Once a clarity is formulated the energy is utilised to bring about a realisation to the thought.

With inner belief the power of thought is stronger.

Everyone does this easily with the simple mundane activities when actions are just routine and automatic…..virtually mindless.

But once inner belief and trust in your ability is established, the power of creation is stronger, and you use the thought with the confidence that you will achieve the desire outcome with certainty. This is seen with those who master their craft, art or sport. Inner belief enables them to master great feats when the power of the mind has carried them forward.

It is through owning your own power in your very core you can move mountains. All the while there is doubt, the impulse wavers due to a lack of clarity.

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