16th April 2022

The Bringers of Light have much to teach.

As consciousness awakens the knowledge of the Universe is available to all. This knowledge is what you seek and ask for; not handed down to you automatically and given without your permission.

Through the shift in energy that is happening now there is a stimulation to assist the awakening, and more and more people are seeking the truth that has been clouded from human consciousness for so long.

With the awakening consciousness comes the seeking to be alive to your true identity, and realise that you are creative gods of the Universe living on Earth to experience limitation. No longer imprisoned in the restricted perception that has been the norm in your human existence.

The human form, which has been limited by time is but “a blink of an eye” in Universal experience. All joys and dramas are but passing dreams, dealing with the multitude of opportunities that the human experience has to offer, presenting choices. Knowledge gained then leading on to other realities. Earth, being a planet of free-will confronts you with the freedom to try all things.

To loose the limited consciousness will open up possibilities of creation and lead you on to new experiences and realities.

To view previous channelling, click on The-Well-Spring on the top corner of the page.

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