18th April 2022

You are not servants of the Higher Dimensions, but co-creators.

As the awakening continues the awareness your own sovereignty and responsibility becomes reality.

The understanding that all you have created is your own work, to spin the experience and deepen knowledge of the human experience.

With the awareness of Self brings a clarity of what and who you are: equal to All That Is.

Humility comes from uncertainty, a casting down of the eyes and fear to move, awaiting instruction. Inner knowledge that I Am offered the confidence to be your own guru. Realisation of the responsibility to own the work you do, with accept of the outcome as material to move forward.

All worldly teachings are limited by the perceptions of the Age, and worldly knowledge is built from the experience of trial and error.

Universal knowledge is timeless and limitless, and as humans you are integrating that infinity into the human experience bit by bit.

The increase of energies now are to assist the integration Universal knowledge with the human form, to raise the dimensional level of Earth potential and experience. There is growth and change for ever.

Nothing ceases.

To view previous channelling, click on The-Well-Spring on the top corner of the page.

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