26th April 2022

Life which is lead with diligence and purpose is the most desirable. However many have forgotten their higher connections and loose themselves in the material world.

It does not serve the soul to dwell too long in materialism for the satisfactions do not sustain. A balance is needed to be found between using the material opportunities and seeing the spiritual implications inherent in all things.

Peace will be experienced if this balance is achieved, and joy in the experience of living in matter. Little is achieved when you lose that spiritual connection, and a testing time is felt when relying too much on things, rather than being in the moment.

Even when times are trying, be they periods of poverty, pain or uncertainty, all experience has value and serves the growth of the soul. There can be a sense of spiritual irrelevance in what is said here, if you regard life as you know it as “real” with all the material concerns.

Life is finite, and the earthly experiences all total up to opportunities of growth. Only your higher self knows why you are in situations which test you, and if you can develop a detachment from any outcome and concentrate on doing your best in any given situation, a feeling of well-being will result

If your focus is suffering, all you need to do is dwell on the negative.

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