27th April 2022

All the while you believe in limitation, that is all you will find. The Awakening that is slowly happening will open your eyes to a whole vista of new potential.

The imagination is the tool of this potential and will bring wonders that are new to this planet. The young people see things in a new way and will take on the responsibility to bring balance back into the environment. They are bringing a new vision and understanding which will make changes to the old format and norms of society.

The planet will return to a more stable state, and all will be working with more empathy with the natural world, due to a lessening of greed in the use of the natural resources.

The newly evolved awakened human beings will function differently and at a higher vibration, where physical needs are not based on want but a greater understanding of creation. There will be less fear of restriction and lose, and an awareness of personal responsibility with long term consequences.

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