Looking Forward

29th April 2022

In the light of current events throughout the World, evidence that you are living in changing times is all around. 

During a single lifetime you have observed things that were previously thought of as permanent are changing. Many of those things dreamed up by your science-fiction writers have become reality.

So much new technology has been developed during a matter of decades. This has never happened before in human history, and will totally alter the life experience of future generations.

With the motivation of love and well-being for all, the new scientific and technological advances will enhance the human experience; but the thoughts in the past were initially concerns mostly with defence and destruction. This will change.

The Beings of Light are here to inspire right-use and right-action with the new inventions, and young people are more concerned with the social and planetary interests of man-kind.

Have faith that the future will be productive and bright, concerned with the well-being of all, once the old impulse for control and limitation fades away into the new reality.

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