Forces of Change

1st May 2022

Aeons have passed since the Universe developed into an evolving entity. Evolution is at work all the time.

You see only a microcosm, but look outwards and recognise that in the minute is the whole, like saying that all life is one drop of water.

Forces at work are dynamic. Major disruption can bring forth new beginnings. Out of chaos, order is created. This is what is happening to your world at this time.  Some see it as the final war between light and dark, but in fact it is part of the ongoing movement of creation. Destructive energies are channelled creating disruption and the breakup of existing form. This is a challenge to realise the need for action to calm the situation and build anew. Nothing in human life is permanent, all will eventually decay, and in so doing, new form, new ways will come.

To be in the middle of the breaking of the old, pain and distress are inevitable. It is to realisation that some will be main players in the action, and this is inevitable. It is pain and loss that is most feared, and death is seen as the ultimate loss.

To view previous channellings, click The-Well-Spring in the top corner of the page.

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