2nd May 2022

All Beings of the Earth  are involved in the process of Ascension. It is not just the human race, but the animal kingdom and the very fabric of the planet itself.

The increasing energies emitting from the Universe are raising the vibrational level to the core of the planet.

As the light of awakening increases it illuminates all that is not harmonious, calling attention to the responsibility to the environment and seeks acceptable human conduct.

So much ugliness is being exposed, much of which was hidden before due to ignorance, apathy and control.

The planet itself is not a play thing to be abused, but cherished and nurtures in harmony with the wellbeing of all.

Gaia is a loving mother who gives freely of her gifts, and respect is her due.

To view previous channelling, click on The-Well-Spring in the top cormer of the page.

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