3rd April 2022

The time needed to bring all things into being is when you are ready. There is no point rushing anything which is not prepared. All comes to those who wait.

With Awakening, beginning with the intent is how the process works as understanding falls into place and form begins to take shape. You have needed to learn this process through many incarnations and are now ready to understand it fully. The human mind does not operate with an overall picture, it only sees tiny bits of possibility. This is what you have been working towards, the raising of consciousness.

Self doubt has always been the block. Courage and trust is needed to break through. Awakening happens gradually, and by being on your own it helps to learn to trust your own judgement. You still tend look for confirmation rather than sticking to your own insights.

You have learnt the skill of silence in the main…watching and listening, not joining into the trivia you see all around you. Do have confidence to move forward with your insights, never mind the thoughts and opinion of others. They have their own journey of self discovery.

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