What is Love?

4th May 2022

Love is the ability to cherish the underlying beauty in all things

The word love is often spoken glibly, and by saying it, excuses unloving behaviour.

It is in truth a glow of energy being emitted and encompasses what is sees. It’s radiance flows out and is felt to the very core. It is powerful.

When supported by the energy of love, mountains can be moved. It emboldens and empowers both the giver and receiver. The impossible becomes possible.

Honest love is beautiful and it sees beauty, but is not sentimental or blind, and can see through the barriers of deception and pretence.

By emitting love, power is bestowed to the receiver to be the best of themself. It is like bathing in the sunlight, warmed to show the best of their potential. Everyone wishes to be loved.

Through loving, you receive love in abundance, and the swell flows out to reach all it touches. Through giving, you receive.

To view previous channelling, click on The-Well-Spring the top corner of the page.

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