16th May 2022

Life lived in the Twenty First Century is very different to that of the recent past. The innovation of new technologies has opened the door to previously unimagined possibilities for the general population. It has relieved time from many burden that were part of daily living.

Not only labour-saving devises, but also the availability of information and global communication has increased the life experience of the world. In someway it has been like a free-for-all with so many new inventions coming so quickly that it has been hard to discriminate the social value of all that is available.

Now that much of the heavy social labour has been eased, it has made time more available for personal creative pursuits. It is a pity if that time is indulged in the static inactivity of a screen.

The physical body is you instrument, with mind and hands your tools. The mind feeds the imagination which can actualise creative thoughts. Learn to use all the new technology that is available with wisdom and appropriateness. 

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2 responses to “Technology”

  1. Aren’t we in the 21st century now?


  2. Fenella Rundell Avatar
    Fenella Rundell

    Yes, you are right!


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