Self Love

17th May 2022

Self-love is to own the power of Who You Are.

All the while there is doubt regarding your worthiness and perfection, judging yourself, you cannot manifest your ultimate truth. This self-doubt undermines the effectiveness of intent and send confusing messages out into the World.

This is why there is so much confusion and judgement; maybe fear of being regarded as a fraud, but is underlayed with the competitive feelings of being better that others.

Self-doubt blocks the outward flow of love, for you will always be holding back.

“Learning to dance as if no one is watching” is the best analogy we can give, of expressing freedom of movement and expression in daily life.

Self-love is not arrogant or self-serving, but the outward flow of your very essence of Divinity, forgetting the “I” and expressing the “Be”.

Self-love instills peace and trust in the heart and openness for all it perceives. The personal disappears and the glow of eternal essence shines through.

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