Units ofTime

20th May 2022

While living in Matter, Units of Time is calculated according to Cosmic Law. Without the divisions there would be no order in the accomplishment of life on the planet.

Nothing changes unless there is an impulsion to move. Light and dark, heat and cold, joy and sorrow all have their uses to provide stimulation, as do the seasons of the year and the ageing process. All things are energised by various circumstances that come under the heading of timing.

There is indeed “a time for every purpose under Heaven,” which enables the total experience that the life has to offer on planet Earth.

The present time is that of breaking down and the exposure of darkness. The impetus is to accept, resist, or work with to those energies which are shaking the world and reform.

It is a time for reevaluation, for understanding personal power, to react with indifference or taking action. It is time for making choices.

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