Trust Yourself

21st May 2022

Listen to your inner calling and it will guide you truly. For those who seek the connection across the dimension, concentrate with this work of giving yourself those quiet times which will bring the great rewards of inner peace and guidance.

The course ahead is certain and will bring the satisfaction you have been seeking, a sense of fulfilment.

You may not recognise it initially, but the flow of information will be there. Guard against the preconceived expectations or a desire for haste, as this will not serve you.

Within the quiet you will find themes at play which you will understand as relevance for you. Believe the thoughts that reaches you as you go about your daily tasks when you have sudden flashes of inspiration.  Much truth is hidden in the mundane.     

Opposites do attract and bring enrichment to the soul. Peace can be obtained through trusting and integrate with words that come into your mind for you can rely of these sensing.    

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